The Sleepless Dreamer

The sleepless dreamer longs
to slip into the midnight peace,
for he is ever lost in reveries
but never sleeps.

What wicked, dreadful curse
occludes the mind from intervening?
Truly, none have suffered worse
than he – that’s damned…
to dream of dreaming.

What wouldn’t he give, just once
to succumb to sweet repose;
Paramour in soft embrace
and remain there,
juxtapose his love,

But never will it be;
for, he is ever sleepless –
only dreaming of a dream.

Impatient, he lays restless
while his dozing lover lies
wondering, what worlds must linger
just beyond his waking eyes…

If only he could travel
on vimanas ’round the stars,
and see what wondrous colors hide
within the endless dark…

Seldom, he doze drift away
and indeed, he is in awe;
Alas, upon awakening,
rarely does he then recall
anything at all.

He wonders,
“is my curse to live
and never know a dream?”
“Doomed to imagine
that this world is only as it seems?”

And though he prays it were not so,
much to his frustration,
his prayers are left unanswered
and he finds no sweet salvation.

So, while his love is resting
and the moon is ever beaming,
the sleepless dreamer lies awake
and ever dreams of dreaming.

About John Chronikal

John Chronikal is a blogger, storyteller, poet, artist, composer, and songwriter. He loves to drink bourbon and write things that make his poor grandmother cringe. He is a gigantic man –– his bear hugs can crush bones –– but he is a gentle giant. Give him bourbon and chocolate and he will be your bestest friend forever. View all posts by John Chronikal

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