Writing on the Walls

We build up prisons in our worlds
that rely on walls of stone,
but in our minds the walls are ours
to build and break alone.

I watched the walls fall down today
then looked around, and found
that I was free of everything that
yesterday would’ve held me down.

I stepped outside the ruins today
and walked into the sun;
and because they had not seen the light,
my eyes began to burn.

Then, I put the walls back up
and with my pen in hand,
I began to draw my dreams,
the things I’ve seen and understand.

Now, I find comfort
in writing on the walls…
Except for me, the words
remain a mystery to all.

Of course, it may seem curious,
until you stop and see –
that I am this world’s creator;
these walls belong to me.

About John Chronikal

John Chronikal is a blogger, storyteller, poet, artist, composer, and songwriter. He loves to drink bourbon and write things that make his poor grandmother cringe. He is a gigantic man –– his bear hugs can crush bones –– but he is a gentle giant. Give him bourbon and chocolate and he will be your bestest friend forever. View all posts by John Chronikal

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