We, The Sinking


The devils and the demons
they both dance with you and me;
Leagues beneath the sea,
they sink with you and me

and We look to one another,
devils, demons, you and me,
dancing ‘neath the sea,
sinking fast and free;

but not before we freeze, you see
the devils, you and me;
and demons – they succumb to pressure
leagues beneath the sea,

and We all go together free,
the devils, you and me;
but the demons – they go quietly
into the depths, you see

for demons never settle easy
when ever close to Hell they be,
and leagues beneath the sea
they can feel the swelling heat;

but the devils, you and me,
We only feel the chains, heavy
dragging down, around our feet
leagues beneath the icy sea;

We hear the roar of waves crashing;
as above our heads We reach,
sinking down into the sea
We can feel the dark, pulling

and We hear the cheers and laughter
from the ship above, roaring
as We sink into the sea,
devils, demons, you and me,

all the while sickly smiling,
for we go to our death knowing
that the chains around our feet
shall not keep us from being free,

We go into that darkness,
devils, demons, you and me
laughing – leagues beneath the sea,
We the sinking, fast and free

and as We sink, we sing
until our lungs full up they be
and until our songs and we
are swallowed up into the sea;

We dance until the ship above
can nigh no more be seen,
and the same for you and me,
and all the devils, demons, We

keep sinking – sinking faster,
as the darkness takes us, gasping
but to no avail, you see
for We are all so many leagues

‘neath the sea and sinking, fast and free,
the devils, demons, you and me
leagues beneath the sea,
We, The Sinking – finally free.

About John Chronikal

John Chronikal is a blogger, storyteller, poet, artist, composer, and songwriter. He loves to drink bourbon and write things that make his poor grandmother cringe. He is a gigantic man –– his bear hugs can crush bones –– but he is a gentle giant. Give him bourbon and chocolate and he will be your bestest friend forever. View all posts by John Chronikal

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