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Icarus: Episode 3

The adventure continues as the crew of the cargo ship Icarus narrowly escape a deadly collision.


1800hrs. 14th Oct. 413P.C.
On the surface of Bronos,
the island of Baro-Lii.

Later, Alligator

“Get that damn light out of my face!”

Captain Vizirov sat up slowly, cringing from the sharp pain in his forehead.  He touched a hand to his head and quickly drew back three fingertips covered in blood.  Everything was spinning.  It looked like someone had covered his eyes with film, a thick grey haze that he could not blink away at first, try as he might.  A tall figure stood over him, shining a light in his eyes.  It was Jaime – the ship’s medical officer.

“Sir, you need to lay back,” Jaime said, flicking the flashlight down at her feet.  “You may have a concussion.”

The Captain ignored her.  “Dullard, status report.”  He blinked hard and got to his feet, the haze finally beginning to recede.  “Dullard!”

“He’s below deck checking the ship with the rest of the crew.  You took a pretty nasty blow to the head when we– um, landed, sir.”

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“Icarus” Episode 1

Step on board and meet the disparate crew of the cargo ship Icarus as they approach their destination hundreds of light years from Earth. (Chapter 1 of a brand new, ongoing Sci-Fi short-series)


The Bronos Approach

1700hrs. 14th Oct.  413P.C. 
Aboard the cargo ship Icarus,
near the Cygnus star system, Planet: Bronos

“You see sum’ wrong wi’ dis picsha?” Benjy always laid on the thick English accent whenever he was intentionally being a condescending dick.  Presently, he was frowning and pointing at the bright red liquid spurting from a small hose on top of the main fusion drive.  The stuff smelled like burning hair – Ruben had no idea what to make of it.

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